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RISC-V made the news recently when revealed the BeagleV (Beagle Five) SBC (single board computer). The first affordable, highly available SBC that uses the RISC-V architecture. The board isn’t yet commercially available but you can register to be considered for the first wave when they ship in April. For those who don’t know anything about RISC-V, let me explain.

What is RISC-V?

RISC-V stands for ‘reduced instruction set computer’. Every CPU in a computer uses instruction sets which let you speak to the CPU and tell it what to do. …

Snaps are a way for you to package your software so it is easy to install on Linux. I figured, as a new member of the advocacy team at Canonical, I better start snappin’. I learnt how to do this using the snapcraft documentation, and a couple of blog posts by Alan Pope (popey). If you read through the one titled “Let’s go snapping”, I am the new colleague he mentions. Those are all more concise ways of learning how to create a snap. This article is my whole story, including what I did, how I did it, and why…

The story of my Linux journey so far.

Five years ago I barely knew what Linux was. I knew it was a thing and I think I knew it was an operating system, but that was about it. Two years ago I used Linux knowingly for the first time during a University course for OpenFOAM. A little over a year and a half ago I started at Canonical, the company that publishes Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution, and everything changed (the fire nation did not attack).

Photo by Jay Ruzesky on Unsplash

Getting going

My story is fairly typical. Linux proved to be a gateway drug to open source and open tech communities. Goodness knows…

Variety, the American online publication, wrote a bunch of tweets and articles about ‘Hollywood bringing video games to the big screen’. This is not the first time studios have tried to turn beloved video games into movies. Anyone paying attention knows it’s been done before, and every time, it has failed. But who knows, maybe this time it’ll be different. Let’s talk about why they have failed before, what they are trying to do differently this time, and what else they need to do to succeed. I would love to see good video game movies.

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Why video game movies fail

It’s because of the story…

Why I joined, why I quit, and what happened next

I made peace with the fact that I would resign without something new lined up. I knew it was a risky move. I knew my chances of finding something else were slim (I’d been looking for long enough). And I knew the likelihood of being hired by a company that I believed in the way I believe in Canonical, with my level of experience, was poor. But I made my decision. I arranged a meeting with my boss and … Well, let me tell you the whole story first.

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Why I joined Canonical

I came to be a Product Manager at Canonical, the company…

Getting a good internet connection is still an issue all over the world. Even in places like the bay area. If places like that can’t get it right, what hope is there for a reliable connection in more rural areas? In countries without the same wealth? Or even in developing communities in the poorest places in the world? This is why things like SpaceX’s Starlink service and OneWeb’s mission are so important.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

The western world has been dealing with all the issues that come with the internet for years. The physical infrastructure, the datacentres, the storage, the networking, the spotty…

The feel-good karate drama you deserve

I hate writing reviews but Cobra Kai should have more people talking about it. It’s so good. Storylines and plot threads are well handled, the large cast of characters grows steadily but each one is given enough time to develop and everything is set wonderfully well within nostalgia and colourful filters.

I finished the latest season a little while ago and have since let the pure karate adrenaline in my bloodstream dissipate. Mostly because otherwise, this article would just be “YEEEEAAAAA KARATE HI YA”.

When I first heard about it, back when season one came out, I didn’t watch it…

Six rules I follow to read a minimum of 50 books a year and how to properly set your goal

Only read what you want to read. What you’re interested in. This might sound easy, but it's not, or you would have done it already. But it is simple. These are the key rules you need to follow if you’re going to read all the books you want to read this year. They’re all important.

Read what you like

When people say they don’t read much because they don’t like reading. They’re being ridiculous. In this day and age, you read all the time; you can’t not like reading. If you know someone who says this they just don’t like what they are reading…

Not necessarily. That’s the wrong question. The right question is: What do I need to be a good product manager? The answer to this question is much more helpful, more widely agreed upon, and actually actionable.

Q: What do I need to be a good product manager?

A: Learn the story of the product.

You need to understand the product you are managing to enough of a degree to tell its story from ideation to a hypothetical future. I call this level of understanding the story of the product. And if you are a good product manager, you are the…

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